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Top Five Personal Finance Sites to Help Explain Why Your Wallet is Empty

Web Espy
Hannah Lyles

06 Nov 2013

Do you ever check your wallet and wonder how it became empty? Didn't you just take out $200 this morning? Below is a list of really useful personal finance apps and sites - some are really new and up and coming, whist others are more established. Check them out and make finances something that doesn't freak you out.


Simple provides a great alternative to traditional banking with their stylish Visa card. There are no surprise fees and powerful financial tools at your disposal, and you can literally see what you’re spending your money on. Take a photo of lunch, upload it and document how much it cost you, so later when you get home you know where that $15 went (or $200 depending on your purchase!). Simple also lets you access 55,000 fee-free ATMs! Paint your financial story with their useful app available for iOS and Android. Start being Simple today!

Grey charges, or deceptive and unwanted debit and credit card charges costs American cardholders $14.5 billion every year. BillGuard is dedicated to combating these grey charges with an app that recognizes your payments, flags recurring charges, and ultimately saves you or your business a lot of money. They can tailor the product towards individuals, small businesses, and medium-large businesses, depending on your personal needs. Want to know an interesting fact? Most of BillGuard's developers are alumni of 'the best tech school on earth': the Israeli military's secretive Unit 8200. Your money should be pretty safe with them.

When you're a kid, you do things for candy right? Why should it be any different now that you're a fully fledged adult? We follow the carrot on the stick, and takes advantage of our desire to follow our dreams and accomplish our goals. You actually get rewarded for saving your hard-earned cash and reaching your goals so paying off debt is like playing a game. The site has helped pay off $64,400,777 in debt and encouraged people to save $78,254,708. That's pretty amazing stuff. Just because we're not kids anymore, doesn't mean we don't need some cheering on the side, and we still like playing games.

SmartAsset deals with the tough questions so that you don't have to. Want to buy a home but don't know how much you can afford? Trying to start a business and need some help with start-up economics? SmartAsset uses their intuitive software to provide easy, simple questions that offer guidance and transparency to any risky venture. They also help with the small things (or the details) in buying your first home, like the quality of schools in the neighborhood or the length of your commute to work. SmartAsset also specializes in student loans, refinancing, credit cards, and credit infographics.

Expensify's mission is to create expense reports that don't suck! You can join for free and easily add your bank account or card, so in a few clicks you can view your expenses on pretty diagrams and charts. A great new feature is VAT/tax tracking, which makes Expensify an incredible option for people overseas or just anyone who needs to track tax on their expense reports. You're also able to do invoicing on the mobile app, which is fantastic news for contractors and freelancers who can create invoices on-site if need be.

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